Mother Nature can cure your pain unlike ANY paracetamol

It seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? So why not give it a chance anyway?

The answer is Kratom. 

And here are the most efficient Kratom 101 options for treating your pain!


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1) Kratom Strain Summary
2) What is Kratom?
3) What problems is it solving?
4) Why the sudden surge in Kratom use?
5) What makes up Kratom and how does it work?
6) Different Kratom veins and their use
7) When to take Kratom?
8) How to take Kratom?
9) Dosage Measurement
10) Where can you buy Kratom?
11) How much is sufficient for me?
12) Wabbles and Prevention
13) Comparison of different strains
14) Which Kratom is best for pain?

Bali Kratom
– Red Vein Bali
– Green Vein Bali
Maeng Da
– Red Maeng Da
– Green Maeng Da
Borneo Kratom
– Red Vein Borneo
– Green Vein Borneo
Sumatra Kratom
– Red Sumatra
– Green Sumatra
Indo Kratom
– Red Vein Indo
– Green Vein Indo
Thai Kratom
– Red Vein Thai
– Green Vein Thai
Malay Kratom
– Red Vein Malay
– Green Vein Malay
Red Vietnam Kratom

Accurate depiction of what Kratom feels like

We have all heard of magic potions like “health elixirs” or the ones you see in Harry Potter for resurrecting the dead, anti-aging, curing deadly diseases and sometimes giving you immense energy.
You put one drop of it on your wound, and suddenly the wound heals itself. The blood goes back into your body, and there is new life running in your veins. It seems so fantastic when you watch the movies or read it in the books that you want it yourself!
But what if I told you, you could have your own magic potion at home to cure yourselves of all your vitality problems from small to grave!

So what is Kratom?

Kratom is the answer to the mystery of the magical medicine I spoke about above. I realise it sounds like something from Superman’s planet… But why shouldn’t it! It has superpowers!

Ready to become Superman?

A tree majorly cultivated in South East Asia, known as Kratom, or “Mitragyna Speciosa” (Scientific Name), has been used for centuries as a pain killer, medicine to combat anxiety, stress and depression. It has also been used to energize and increase euphoria. Belonging to the coffee family, the plant leaves were initially chewed by farmers of Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia to combat fatigue, boost physical energy and hence increase their productivity in order to work for longer stretches in the field. With time, its various other important uses have since been discovered and today the herb has taken the world with its medicinal wind.

What problems is it solving?

If I start listing down every single benefit of Kratom, I might run out of pages and you may get tired of scrolling down this article. So, let’s simply categorize the major issues it’s solving: Opiate withdrawal or Opiate addiction, Chronic Pain, Weak immune system, Low energy, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Angst, So not only does it physically help, but Kratom has proven to help various mental problems and to be good for you if you moderate your use!

But why is there a sudden surge of Kratom usage now?

Let me answer that question for you and intrigue your interest with an everyday situation. Imagine you come home from work after a very long and exhausting day. You feel stressed out because your boss has overburdened you with work, or your personal relationships aren’t going according to your expectations. You thus have a severe headache and you can’t focus on anything. Now, generally and in most cases, you would simply pop in a pill or see a doctor to get rid of the headache. This would relieve you for the moment being.
But have you thought through the consequences it would have if you did this on a regular basis? The long term effects of these allopathic drugs that you take so often for their pain relieving and sedative properties…
Now, in the same circumstance, if offered, would you take an alternative herbal medicine which is equally effective, is highly potent in soothing and making you feel relaxed and also has no grave side-effects? Probably yes.

This is one of the main reasons for the increasing Kratom popularity taking place. The very fact that it is herbal. What is better than being cured by Mother Nature herself!?

But of course, there’s more reasoning to Kratom than just it’s properties. The second reason is the increasing threat caused by the usage of prescribed and non-prescribed opiate drugs.
Opiate drugs are known for their pain treating properties. But, when used, people develop a tolerance for them and they start to require more and more of that drug to achieve the same effect. This leads to addiction, and drug addiction leads to a miserable life. A high number of deaths have been recorded in the past two decades because of over dosage and Kratom in such cases acts as a very efficient alternative to these drugs, also solving the addiction problem.

Elements of Kratom that gives it such unique properties

Mitragynine- Known for its analgesic (pain reducing) properties, it is a good sedater and helps you relax in your muscles. It also acts as an anti-diarrheal, anti-cough, anti-malarial and energizing agent. 
7-Hydroxymitragynine- It is also an excellent pain killer, even stronger and better than morphine.
9-Hydroxycorynantheidine- It acts as a catalyst and helps the effects start quickly.
Isopteropodine- This increases immunity and makes the nervous system strong.

Different veins of Kratoms and their general differences that set them apart

Generally most leaves have veins, and so does every Kratom leaf. Depending on the color of these veins, a Kratom is categorized into Red, Green, and White veins. They are different in their chemical compositions and differently each efficient in their own various aspects.

Red Vein Kratom

This is one of the most abundantly used types of Kratom. Typically very rich in 7-Hydroxymitragynine, thus making it valuable for its pain-killing effects, sedative effects, and it’s ability to potently relieve you of anxiety and stress. This is the strongest of all three veins.

White Vein Kratom

If you are looking for a coffee substitute, then white vein kratom should be your first choice. Known for its energy boosting characteristics, a dose of white vein keeps one working all day long through any situation. It enhances concentration levels and hence yields more productivity at work.

Green Vein Kratom

Sometimes, it is best to have a midway solution to a problem. Green vein kratom, as you can probably guess now, is a combination of red vein’s sedation properties and analgesic effects while also having white vein’s stimulation effect, but only in milder form. When looking for an everyday regular dosage, green vein would be your best pick.

Bali Kratom

Just like the iconic blend of volcanic mountains and relaxing beaches on the island of Bali, Bali Kratom is a unique combination of pain-relieving and sedative features. It is the oldest known and most widely used strain of kratom. Though it is a poor stimulator, it acts just like a peaceful beach; carrying away all your troubles with the tides and the soft sand cushioning your body with serenity and comfort.

Red vein Bali-

Rich in analgesic alkaloids, Red Vein Bali is your way through any chronic pain. Rich in 7-Hydroxymitragynine, it’s helpful for muscle aches, osteoporosis, cramps, anxiety and insomnia. A strong sedative at high dosages, it is best suitable for nights since the tranquilizing effect may reduce your capability to work during the day. Once the effects kick in, it becomes a gateway to a sound sleep.
Kick-in period and lasting period; It’s slow but steady in its effects. It kicks in a bit late than other strains but is effective for 3-5 hours.
Side effects- All Kratoms tend to impart only the good to the users until extremely exploited. But, sometimes incomplete knowledge leads to over dosage which further could transform into the following problems:
Nausea, Headache, Stomach ache or blurry vision.
But all these effects are not long term since the Bali strain is milder than other strains. Still it is important to know the correct dosage for every level.
1-2 grams of Red vein Bali is our advocate for beginners,
3-5 grams is the advised dosage for all beginners if you want to relax under the pressure of pain.
5-7 grams is a high dose, for chronic pains, insomnia and opiate withdrawal.
Above 7 grams is the danger zone.

The red vein Bali outlasts the red indo vein in terms of lasting but initiates effects after a long time.
Hence, if you are ever in grave physical pain, and have trouble sleeping, the red vein bali could come in very handy.

Green Vein Bali-

A milder analgesic when compared to its counterpart, the red vein bali. The green vein bali comes with a unique feature of energizing. Unlike its partner, it is suitable to be used during the day for the same pains the red vein is used because of its high stimulation and poor sedating properties. It acts like a coffee with pain relieving leaves in it. A highly recommended type for beginners, it lasts longer than the red vein bali and starts showing effects as soon as consumed. Still, if not taken correctly, it may have same consequences as observed with the red vein bali over dosage.
The dosage is same as that of the red vein.
Thus, if while working you find yourself in pain, the green vein bali will relieve you of it and energize you to perform even better in the same situation.

Maeng Da

Maeng Da could be simply stated as the Hercules of all the strains available on the market. One of the most popular strains, it is an excellent pain reliever, stimulator as well as a mood booster. It’s a complete package. Mainly grown in Thailand, it literally translates to Pimp Grade. Its high alkaloid contain gives it an edge over the other strains.

Red Maeng Da-

Remember that part from Harry Potter where Fawkes’ the Phoenix bird cures Harry’s deadly wounds through its teardrops. Well, the red Maeng Da works the same way. Even at doses as low as 1-2 grams, this herb has the ability to help you out of chronic back pains, arthritis pains, and extreme fatigue, Not only will you be relieved of your pain once it starts affecting you, after 10 minutes, but it will also boost your morale and energize you to get back to your normal routine. High contents of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine makes it even stronger than a cup of Macchiato coffee. It is also effective to fight opiate withdrawal. It lasts longer than the red vein bali and acts as a mood booster and energizer along with being a better analgesic. This even makes it an alternative to anxiety medication, such as xanax.
So, if you ever feel exhausted or find yourself writhing in pain or low on mood, the red maeng da is a one stop shop for you.

Green Maeng Da-

A milder and more subtle counterpart of red maeng da, green maeng da is a very adaptive and compatible strain. It acts as a doctor for mild pains and exhaustion but is more of an efficient energizing agent. It’s helpful in cases like headaches, back and stomach aches, stiff muscles and cramps. When mixed with red vein, it forms a stronger analgesic and energizer to enhance the effects. It tends to start functioning within 15 minutes of intake and lasts up to 6 hours; more than red maeng da. It is also safe to be used at high doses.
Dosages for maeng da kratom (same for red and green);
1 gram and red maeng da starts working
2-3 grams is average for red and threshold for green
3-5 grams is average for both red and green
6-8 grams is high for both red and green
10 grams or more, and it becomes highly sedative.
Over dosage effects include: Weight fluctuations, Constipation, Running or dry nose, Dry mouth, and allergic reactions

Borneo Kratom

Known for its bio-diverse forests, the variations in the flora and fauna have made Borneo an important source of unique and high quality Kratom strains. The peaceful island character gives the kratom features of low side effects and amazing healing and relaxing qualities. Borneo kratom is highly sedating in nature and comes with strong analgesic potency along with an anxiety relieving feature.

Red Vein Borneo-

Majorly known for its relaxing effects, the red vein also is a good analgesic although tends to fall on a more sedating side than an energizing one. Its unique nature of pain relief with stress relief makes the whole body and mind free from any kind of stress. It could be used for treating sore backs, scoliosis, hypertension, fatigue, opiate withdrawal, torn or pulled muscles and joint irritation. A good percentage of 7-Hydroxymitragynine along with Corynoxine A and B acts as perfect holiday package for stress free body and mind.
Compared to the red vein indo, it is a weaker analgesic but a better sedative.
2 grams is threshhold
2-4 grams is low dose
5-7 grams is moderate dose
7 grams and above is high dose
The overdose effects include Queasiness, Dry mouth, unsteadiness, and Loss of drive
Hence, it is perfect to use red vein borneo at any point of the day because of its low sedative and high energizing and analgesic powers.

Green Vein Borneo-

Since it belongs to the green vein category; it typically portrays itself as a useful analgesic but works on milder degree of pains when compared to the red vein. But something that seperates it from the red vein borneo is its sedative effects. A better sedative in nature, it has the tendency to first heal the cramps, tensed muscles and joints, and then relax the whole body. It is highly preferred because it shows low side effects even at high dosage levels.
1-3 grams is for beginners
4-6 grams is mild pain relief and sedation
xx grams is strong sedater
The very feature of low side effects at high dosages makes it a very friendly and preferred kind of strain. So if you have mild pain, and feel stressed out and you don’t know what quantity of kratom to take, this is the safest option.

Sumatra Kratom

What comes to your mind when you imagine about Sumatra? Mostly it would be some kind of island for a peaceful holiday, with laid back attitude in the air and a scent of no haste and worry about people. The Sumatra kratom tends to give you the same feel. It is known for its long lasting effects and is in nature opposite to Maeng Da, which is more of a fast and energetic strain.

Red Vein Sumatra-

Probably one of the longest lasting kratoms (10 hours), it is known for uplifting moods and soothing sensations along with analgesic abilities. It contains a very high percentage of mitragynine which helps you connect with the brain receptors and hence stop the sensation of pain. Raubasine, an alkaloid unique to its composition helps in circulation of blood to the brain. It’s effective at stress relieving, maintaining blood pressure, sedation and calming the nerves. It’s perfect for you when you are looking forward to curing yourself after a stressed day and hence is also known as the herbal therapy drug for body relief.
Threshhold is 1-2 grams
2-3 grams is about average,
3-4 grams is strong
4-5 grams Very strong
6 grams is the highest dose

Green Sumatra-

An excellent stimulant but less sedating than the Red Vein Sumatra, Green Sumatra is known for creating a feeling of euphoria while acting as a pain reliever. Imagine yourself smiling after overcoming some great problem; Green Sumatra makes you do both hand in hand, that is, face the problem with a smile. It blocks the signals of pain from reaching the sensory organs and hence avoids sensation of pain. It works very well as an anti-depressant because of high amount of mitragynine and prevents memory loss and dizziness. Average lasting is about 3-4 hours, which is way less than the red vein Sumatra. Green vein Sumatra works as a pleasing agent along with being a pain killer while red vein acts as a sedative.
2-4 grams is low dose
4-6 is moderate dose
6-8 grams is strong dose
and very strong is 8-10 grams, lasts longest
Side effects for Overdose on Green and Red Sumatra:
Nausea, Wabbling, Mood swings, Aggression

Indo Kratom

As the name suggests, Indo kratom, is heavily cultivated in Indonesia because of the increasing demand for it in the western hemisphere. It could be called a sibling of the Borneo kratom because of the similarities the two share. One thin line that seperates the two is the slow effects of Indo kratom because of its tough cellular walls. Still, it acts as a very efficient analgesic and sedater but a poor stimulator.

Red Vein Indo-

With the highest content of mitragynine of all the strains, it forms a lethal combination of a strong stress reliever, sedative and analgesic. It’s richness in 7-Hydroxymitragynine makes it an antioxidant and anti-cancerous drug, immunity enhancer medicine and useful in opiate withdrawal cases. This accompanied with its stress reducing and sedation properties can serve you great in times of depression and chronic pain. It is also very good immunity enhancer and hence could help one to keep all the diseases at bay. It kicks in within 15 minutes from consumption and is stronger than Red Bali but lasts shorter.

Green Vein Indo-

It could be used as decent pain killer for migraines and headaches and is way more efficient at stress busting. A good anti-depressant and relaxant, it also has a tendency to enhance one’s energy while curing migraines. It lasts up to an impressive number of 7 hours.
The dosage for Red and Green is:
1 gram is threshold dose
1-2 is low dose
3-5 is moderate dose
5 grams and above is DANGER ZONE
Overdose effects are Indigestion, Diarrhea, Skin and respiratory allergies, dry and running nose, Nausea, gastritis.

Thai Kratom

Apart from its massages, the land of Thailand is also famous for the people’s favourite, the Thai kratom. Although an average analgesic, its ability to enhance productivity, boost confidence and infuse positivity all of which are highly required by everyone, makes it very popular amongst people. It is less euphoric in nature than Bali and Malay and tends to be more energizing.

Red Thai Kratom

Well it might be an average pain killer, but the sedation and relaxation features compensate for it and make it a very useful plant. As an analgesic, it’s useful for arthritis, migraine and muscle pains. The sedative components help in calming down the stressed areas for a long time and hence avoid high degree of pain. It also helps in opiate withdrawal. The lasting period is longer than that of green vein indo and it is comparatively a stronger analgesic.
The Red Thai Kratom is one of the richest strains when it comes to Alkaloids, as it is richest in Mitragynine. It has 7-Hydroxymitragynine, 9-hydroxycorynantheidine in decent amounts.
It’s a decent solution when you have anxiety and stress problems along with body ache.

Green Vein Thai

You either start your day with coffee or Green Thai kratom. Such is the effect of this vein that it keeps you walking the whole day. Although a moderate pain reliever at low dosages, it can cure acute pains such as that of osteoporosis and arthritis at moderate and high doses. Its rich alkaloid contents especially that of mitragynine make it an excellent mood enhancer and pain killer with lower side effects than that of Red Vein Thai.
Dosage for both:
Light dose is 1-3 grams
3-5 grams is Moderate dose
5-10 grams is heavy dose
Overdose side effects include Weight fluctuations, general irritation, allergic reactions, gastric problems, Nausea, and nasal issues.

Malay Kratom (Keetum)

Malay Kratom is another mediocre pain relieving kratom which is a very strong sedater, and lasts long. Known by the name Keetum in Malaysia, its leaves behave like morphine and could be useful at high doses for chronic pains.

Red Vein Malay-

With the properties of an excellent and long lasting analgesic but addictive at the same time, it could be a tough choice for you to make when coming across Red vein Malay. It is an excellent relaxer and directly connects to opiate receptors in the brain and hence is able to reduce the sensation of pain. Though a good sedater, Bali kratom is more efficient at relaxing but not as long lasting as Red Malay is.
Doses for Red Vein Malay:
2-4 grams for low dose
4-8 grams good for depression, anxiety, insomnia and mood swings
8-9 grams is effectual with acute pain (high dose.)

Green Vein Malay-

A very unique type of kratom, it tends to solve innumerable physical problems along with acting as a mood elevator, mild stimulator and a strong energizer. A high amount of Mitragynine allows it to be used for chronic pain, migraine, back pains, muscle pains, osteoporosis, cancer, low immunity and hormonal balancer. Since it’s a weak sedater, it does not make you go numb and instead energizes the body out of the pain. Once consumed, the effects are seen over a period of time. In the first hour you’ll feel the pain easing, in the next you’ll relax, and then strengthen, then energize and finally your mood will enhance and you’ll be as fresh as a morning. The effects start really late but do not worry; its normal and they do last a long time too.
Dosage for Green vein Malay is:
Threshold dose is 1 gram
2-3 grams for low dose
3-4 grams for moderate dose
5 grams for high dose
Overdose side effects are Jitters, low focus, nausea, itchiness, sweating, and hyper activity.

Red Vietnam Kratom

The newest addition to the market, the Vietnam kratom has a very impressive composition of alkaloids because of the rich soil it is grown in. It aids in digestion, chronic pain, eyesight, as well as stress release. Its pleasant odor and sweet taste have been widely liked by people. It lasts up to 6 hours.
Red Viet Kratom dosages are:
1-2 grams for Threshold dose
2-4 grams for low dose
4-8 grams for moderate dose
8 grams and above for high dose
The Vietnam kratom is similar to Maeng Da but is not as potent as the latter. If you are looking for focus, motivation, pleasure and painkillers, then Vietnam kratom is an easy choice for you.

When to take kratom?

The best time to take Kratom is when you have an empty stomach. Doing it as the first thing in the morning, or just before breakfast. You can wait for 3 hours then see its effects, and if you do not feel anything, then take about a quantity of 0.5-2 grams.. Wait after the second dose and observe for 20-30 minutes. Generally, the kratom starts affecting after the second dose, but if there is any more need of it, you could take the same quantity once again. Still, taking kratom at night is sometimes beneficial in cases when its a heavy sedater like Red Vein Bali. Overall, one needs to assess the situation one is in and hence make a decision.

So how to take Kratom?

Following are some simple ways of consuming kratom:

Capsules- could be consumed with water
Powder- powder with water
Shake- Kratom powder could be mixed with protein shake or any other shake
Orange juice- One of the most popular ways is mixing kratom powder in orange juice
In tea- You could boil water with kratom leaves for 30 minutes to have a very effective drink

Dosage measurement

Average powdered leaf:
1 gram powder = 0.035 ounces of kratom
50 grams = 1.75 ounces of kratom
100 grams = 3.5 ounces of kratom
Average crushed leaf:
1 tablespoon = 2.7 grams
1 teaspoon = 9 grams
The capsules available in the market come in three sizes:
0 = Smallest
00 = Medium size- standard size
000 = Largest

The 00 size contains 0.5 grams of kratom. Say the required dosage is 4 grams per day. In such a case, you will be required to take 8 capsules.
Still, to ensure the quantity and weights of the capsules, it is highly advisable to read the contents on the packet and then make a decision.

Where can you buy Kratom?

Here are a few websites where you would get various strains of kratom:

How much is sufficient for me?

The dosage to be taken by an individual depends on the weight, mass, metabolism, sex, etc of a person. It differs from body to body and hence it is advised to start from a low dosage and observe the effects and then move to higher quantities.

Wabbles and prevention

One very common side effect of over usage of kratom is wabbles. A condition in which the eye starts twitching and one tends to lose focus of things. This leads to headaches, eye aches, dizziness and can also provoke motion sickness, vertigo and nausea.
Prevention- A low or moderate dosage reduces the chances of wabbles. Up to 5 grams, there is generally no sign of it. Another way to prevent it is by using kratom tea. If you feel wabbling in your body, it is recommended to switch to some other strain of kratom. 
Consuming activated charcoal also helps in curing wabbles. It absorbs the kratom’s alkaloids before the body does and hence mitigates the possible ill-consequences. This has one disadvantage; the kratom loses its properties because all the alkaloids are absorbed and hence no positive impact is created.

Various kratoms and their pain relieving properties and comparisons

Red Vein Bali- Strong sedative, good painkiller for chronic pain, muscle aches, osteoporosis, cramps, anxiety and insomnia. Weaker analgesic than Red Maeng Da but a better relaxer/sedative.

Red Maeng Da- One of the strongest pain killers. Effective for chronic back pains, arthritis pains and extreme fatigue. It acts as a mood booster and lasts longer than Red Vein Bali.

Red Vein Borneo- A good pain killer but a better sedative. Effective for sore backs, scoliosis, hypertension, fatigue, opiate withdrawal, torn or pulled muscles and joint irritation. It is a close alternative for red Vein Indo but is a milder analgesic and stronger sedative.

Red Vein Sumatra- Longest lasting kratom. Good analgesic and relaxant. Effective for stress relieving, maintaining blood pressure, sedation and calming the nerves. Weaker sedative than Red Vein Bali.

Red Vein Indo- Strong stress reliever, sedative and analgesic. Antioxidant and anti-cancerous drug, immunity enhancer and useful in opiate withdrawal. Stronger pain killer than Red Bali but lasts shorter.

Red Vein Thai- An average pain killer. Strong sedater and relaxer. It’s useful for arthritis, migraine and muscle pains, opiate withdrawal. The lasting period is longer than that of Green Vein Indo and it is comparatively a stronger analgesic.

Red Vein Malay- Excellent and long lasting analgesic but addictive at the same time. Excellent relaxer. Though a good sedater, Bali kratom is more efficient at relaxing but not as long lasting as Red Malay is.

Red Vein Vietnam- It aids in digestion, chronic pain, eyesight, stress, and release. Similar to Maeng Da but not as potent as the latter.

Green Vein Malay- Good pain killer, weak sedater, efficient mood elevator, mild stimulator and a strong energizer. Useful for chronic pain, migraine, back pains, muscle pains, osteoporosis, cancer, low immunity and hormonal balancer.

Green Vein Thai- Moderate pain reliever. Cures acute pains such as that of osteoporosis and arthritis at moderate and high doses. An excellent mood enhancer and pain killer with lower side effects than that of Red Vein Thai.

Green Vein Indo- Pain killer for migraines and headaches, and a good stress buster, anti-depressant and relaxant. Weaker analgesic than Red Vein Sumatra.

Green Vein Sumatra- Excellent stimulant but less sedating than the Red Vein Sumatra. Prevents memory loss and dizziness and acts as an anti-depressant. Lasts shorter than Red Vein Sumatra and is more pleasing but weaker pain killer.

Green Vein Malay- Milder and more subtle than Red Maeng Da. Helpful with headaches, back and stomach aches, stiff muscles and cramps. Comparatively poor.

Green Vein Bali- Milder analgesic than Red Bali. Energizing in nature. Lasts longer than the Red Vein Bali. Acts as a coffee with pain relieving properties.

Green Borneo- Useful analgesic but works on milder degree of pains when compared to the Red Vein Borneo. Heal the cramps, tensed muscles and joints and relaxes the whole body.

Which Kratom is best for pain?

Given the variety of strains available on the market, every kratom strain acts as a painkiller at some level. It totally depends on what kind of cure you are looking for, what kind of effects do you expect with that; whether its sedating, euphoric or energizing. The solution is very subjective but it is of utmost importance to have complete knowledge of the product before consuming it.

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