Maeng Da Kratom Review


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1) Origin
  –  Native usage
  –  Colour
2) Composition
3) Typical features
  –  Stimulating
  –  Analgesic
  –  Nootropic
  –  Sedative/Relaxing
4) Different types
  –  Red vein
  –  Green vein
  –  White vein
  –  Ultra enhanced
  –  Red horned
5) Over dosage and side effects
6) Who should use it
7) How could you consume it
8) Maeng Da vs Bali
9) Maeng Da vs Indo
10) Maeng Da vs Malay
11) Conclusion

Remember those days in childhood when we went out on the field to play, came back home tired but still could run for another hour dodging that football to score a goal for our team. As kids, we seemed to be enormously excited about everything we did.
Now, you get an off on the weekend, you go grab a few drinks with your friends and vent out about the backlog you have, and your boss, who’s been intimidating you all week; burdening you with excessive work. Suddenly, the weekend seems to be so short for these worries that it flies off in a flash and you see another long week of exhausting hours awaiting you. You feel like taking off this bag of pressure and fatigue and be the inquisitive and energetic kid you once were. Well, if you scroll down a bit, you might find a solution to this predicament.

Maeng Da Kratom Origin

Believed to have originated and first used in Thailand or Indonesia, Maeng da initially found its popularity amongst the local farmers who spent their day sweating in the heat of the sun in the fields. Chewing the leaves of this plant gave them enough energy to last the whole day and hence feed their families.

It also made its way as a drink for guests because of its energizing and recreational effects. Such local usages made it a household plant and soon the word about its potency spread and reached people in other regions.

A Maeng da leaf is generally dark green in colour and is believed to be no more in its original form but grown through selective breeding which makes it an enhanced strain. This eventually makes it very efficient at pain killing and energizing.


The two main alkaloids that make maeng da the properties it is known for are:

Mitragynine– A significant part of the total alkaloid composition is taken by Mitragynine. Mitragynine acts on the receptors of the brain that make that boost the energy of the body. It serves as a good stimulant.

7-Hydroxymitragynine- The second vital component is 7-hydroxymitragynine. It is an “orally active and analgesic alkaloid which is stronger than morphine and acts as a helpful pain killer.


Stimulation/energy booster

One of the primary effects that is believed to have been observed the most by the users is improvement in physiological and mental abilities due to high percentage of mitragynine. Small doses of it could assist one during exhaustion, enhance stamina and enthusiasm and curb symptoms of depression. One may feel energized and fresh after consuming maeng da.


Another significant effect that maeng da could have is of reducing pain.  Due to a good percentage of 7-Hydroxymitragynine, it could be used for treating chronic pain, back aches, headaches, join pains, opiate withdrawal and cancer. It works as a significant analgesic at low dosage levels.

The term nootropic refers to a substance which enhances cognition and memory and facilitates learning. Maeng da kratom is known as a very good memory enhancer. A low dosage of maeng da may help one in focusing better at work and increase alertness of the surroundings. It has a direct effect on the cerebral system which makes it a good brain function enhancement medicine. This might help further in performing better since you can work for longer hours with greater productivity and hence have a positive feel about your work.


Maeng da is believed to have an edge over other strains of kratom when it comes to pain killing and stimulation because it does not act as a strong sedative. It tends to energize one while healing the pain and this makes it suitable for consumption on a busy working day. Although, it might have sedative effects at high dosage levels, but in general its effects have been observed as non-sedating.

Types of Maeng Da

Red vein

Believed to be one of the strongest pain killers of all the kratoms, the red vein maeng da might come in handy even as mood enhancer and stimulator. The name red vein is derived from the colour of the veins on the leaves and it works like most of the other red veins but might relieve one quicker of the pain and even last longer. It could give you a relief for about 5-8 hours once it starts showing effects in 5-10 minutes.

It is effective in the following situation:

Chronic fatigue
Opiate withdrawal
Back pains
Arthritis pains
Low mood

It acts as a mood booster while curing your pain and hence could help you out of it happily. It is believed that it has low side effects though effects of a dosage differ from person to person depending upon various factors like weight, age, sex, etc. When compared to its green counterpart, it tends to show stronger euphoric and analgesic effects.

So, on a busy day like a Monday, one might find this very handy because of it energizing and pain relieving effects.

Green vein

Often, the solution to a problem may be achieved without putting in a lot of efforts. Moderation works well in life and so does this vein of kratom. Green veins are generally felt by users to be a mid way between a red and a white vein kratom. Having the virtues of both, a red and a white vein maeng da, it is a milder form of each of these. It acts as a better energizer than an analgesic; though one might find it useful for headaches, backaches and stomach aches, stiff muscles and cramps. Before an interview or a presentation, this could be used a psychological booster; helping in enhancing one’s confidence and calming the nerves down.

Since, it’s a mid vein, it could be mixed and consumed with red or white vein to have a higher degree of effects of each of them according to the requirements.


Low-1 gram red maeng da starts working  
Light- 2-3 grams average for red and threshold for green
Moderate- 3-5 grams average for both red and green
Heavy- 6-8 grams high for both red and green
Very heavy- 10 grams or more becomes highly sedative

White vein

The red vein maeng da tends to be an effective pain killer, the green a bit meeker from it and the white is the weakest. But what differentiates the white vein maeng da from the other two strains is that one might experience high energy and enhanced stimulation at low doses. It is because of this reason that it could be suitable for usage on a day where you are mentally and physically occupied. At high doses it tends to emanate effects of euphoria but you may need to keep a check on dosage level since you could develop addiction.

Even though it is a weak pain reliever, one could still use it for joint pains and backaches through high dosage intake once it starts showing effects, which is generally between 15-30 minutes.


Low for beginners Up to 2 grams
Moderate for regular users 2-5 grams
5 and above High dosage

For ranking, the white maeng da is a:
Energizer- high
Pain reliever- low
Focus enhancer- high
Mood booster- moderate

Ultra enhanced Maeng Da

Alteration has the ability to make things more efficient and effective. And ultra enhanced maeng da is a product of the same process. It is believed to be one of the finest kratom powder that one could use and contains a very high percentage of alkaloids, which makes it a very potent kratom. On a stressful day, a dosage of ultra enhanced could relax your body and make it anxiety free.

It is also a great stimulator like the regular maeng da and could assist in mood enhancement on a dull day. Apart from this, if you are in chronic pain, ultra enhanced maeng da could significantly mitigate the pain due to its high alkaloid percentage. It’s a potent pain killer for migraines and arthritis.

If you are a beginner, it’d be suggested to use this strain once you get used to kratom dosages as this is a high quality of strain and may not suit your body right away. For regular users, small dosages could be very helpful because of its high potency.

Threshold- 1 gram
Low- 1-2 grams
Moderate- 2-3 grams
High- 3-6 grams

Horned maeng da

The name seems to emanate wild feelings when you read the Horned. And the kratom does be true to its title when it comes to potency.

People often get confused between the normal maeng da and the horned maeng da kratom. Well, the very first difference arises from the point of origin. Maeng da is a different strain and a product of Thailand while horned maeng da, which derives its name from the shape of its leaf, is found in Indonesia.

A very rare species, horned maeng da could have amazing analgesic effects when you are in chronic pain, struggling with opiate withdrawal and arthritis. Users find it as moderate energizer or stimulator and a decent sedater, which make it useful for conditions like insomnia, anxiety, stress, diffidence and lethargy.

Over dosage and side effects

Are you familiar with the proverb ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’? Well, it could be used metaphorically when it comes to dosage of maeng da. Maeng da works amazingly well up to the limit where it’s comfortable for the body to control it. Beyond that threshold, one might feel uncomfortable if consumed. Hence, it is advised to wait and watch the effects patiently before increasing the dosage. A user may experience the following during over dosage:

Uneasy stomach
Contracted pupils
Sweating more than usual
Shallow breathing

Though one might have to go through these discomforts, it has positive too; the side effects do not long last. Still, a dosage up to the moderate level works well for everybody and high doses should be taken in cases of emergency only.

Who should use it?

Attention beginners and pros! It’s really important to know which kratom type suits you the most. The next few lines will help you understand whether maeng da is for you or not.

In case of maeng da kratom, some people may feel the effects at low doses while some might feel at higher doses. Some may develop tolerance very soon while others might never. It all depends upon your physiological structure; the age, sex, weight, and the sensitivity of the body to different elements.

For first time users, it is a hard to adapt strain, but a low dosage may do well enough. For regulars, a moderate dose could prove beneficial. Still, you should keep your body under observance and hence take a decision about your consumption. A good way to avoid tolerance could be rotating strains which would also provide you with an understanding of how other strains work for you.

How to consume it?

Kratom could be usually consumed in the following popular ways:

Wash and toss method- It involves consuming the powder with water. You take your powder dosage in a spoon and put it in your mouth with a gulp of water, swirl it in your mouth and then swallow it. This might not always be suitable for beginners as it is bitter in taste and could make you feel nauseas. But no worries, you could become used to it after some practice.

Citrus juice- Orange juice enhances potency of maeng da hence elevating the effects of the dose.

Tea- One could boil water with powder or leaves to take maeng da. To give the tea a better taste you could add honey or lemon.

Food- If you don’t want to drink up your kratom, you can eat it by adding it to you salads, sauces and gravy.

Maeng Da vs Bali

Maeng da and Bali, both are effective pain killers but maeng da inclines towards a more stimulating side with high energizing and active effects. On the other hand, the Bali kratom is more of a relaxing agent due to its sedative effects. Because of this, bali kratom could be a good option for consumption at night since it can put you to sleep while maeng da may be used as a day medicine for its analgesic and stimulating effects which could enhance your productivity at work.

Also, if you are looking for sustained effects, then maeng da could be a good option since it lasts longer than the bali kratom.

Maeng Da vs Indo

The two kratom strains have the commonality of a good analgesic but the ridge is again created by the sedating and stimulating effects. Indo kratom is believed to be more of a chill type kratom while maeng da fuels up the body energy for busy days. Indo kratom is an efficient anti-anxiety agent with relaxing properties; making it perfect for a holiday. On the other side, maeng is similar to the kid from home alone, energetic and enthusiastic to walk an extra mile to save his house from the robbers.

Maeng Da vs Malay

The Maeng da is a stronger pain reliever and stimulator when compared to the Malay kratom. Malay kratom could be used in situations when you require relaxation and it also tends to act as mild stimulator and significant mood enhancer.


Though its origin is a bit mysterious, and what we get in the market today might not be the original version that was once known, Maeng Da kratom has its own distinct virtues that make it one of the most potent kratoms. From being an excellent analgesic to an effective stimulator, it has developed its popularity as an important strain in the market.

With its various subtypes, the effects of which can be laid upon a spectrum of various degrees of pain relieving and energizing properties, maeng da comes as a complete package for people looking forward to doing laborious mental and physical work. The long lasting effects of the strain act as a cherry on top of the cake and hence make it more lovable among the users.

But, for beginners, maeng da is not always the go to strain because of its high potency which can have overwhelming effects. Still, if one goes for it, a low dosage is advisable. But at the end of the day, dosage becomes a very subjective thing and you need to take every step after analyzing things around you, just the way you would do before investing your money in stocks.

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