Kratom Tolerance, Prevention and Cure


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1) Kratom tolerance, prevention and cure- Introduction
2) Kratom tolerance
3) Difference between Tolerance, Dependence and Addiction
4) Symptoms
5) How does it occur
6) Tolerance of different forms of kratom
– Kratom extracts
– Powdered Kratom
7) Stagnant Strain Syndrome
8) Prevention of tolerance
– Dosage interval
– Dosage amount
– Strain rotation
– Empty Stomach
– Stay hydrated
– Total abstinence or reduction
– Health and Lifestyle
9) Mitigation
– Washout- meaning
– Stem and vein kratom
– Phenibut
– Kava Kava
– Magnesium
10) Conclusion

You must have often heard about people getting addicted to alcohol, recreational drugs or sometimes even prescribed drugs. Have you ever given it a thought about why this happens? Well, it’s just that sometimes we fail to understand where and when to stop. Not a big deal. There are always ways to solve problems and we have solutions to these too.

One could encounter similar problems while using Kratom. If not consumed properly, there are chances of becoming tolerant to it and eventually spending all your money on it.  But, do not worry about this. We’ll guide you through ways which would enhance your Kratom experience, save your money and keep you safe at the same time.

Kratom Tolerance

When you first use kratom, it shows amazing effects on your body. Gradually, the effect of each dosage may reduce than what you felt in the previous or the first one. Your body requires more of it for the same degree of results. Does this mean that you need to keep increasing your dosage for the same relief? No! It’s just that you need to understand where, when and how much to use this power according to different circumstances.
Imagine you become the president of the US one day. You’d be in the seventh heaven and thrilled to travel in those armored cars and special private jets. But can you fathom the effect of each decision that you make. You can literally change the map of the world. It’s quite similar with kratom but only on a lower degree. A person requires to know the nature of one’s body in order to avoid kratom tolerance.

Difference between Tolerance, Dependance, and Addiction

Tolerance– To put it into simple words, when you develop tolerance, it takes more of the substance than it once took to develop the same results. It is different from addiction since a person can build tolerance to one thing yet remain a non- addict.

Dependence- Drug dependence refers to a situation when the body gets so used to a substance that its withdrawal or increase in use, affects the person physically. It does not alter the mental and behavioural aspects of a person.

Addiction- When the dependence on a drug extends to such a level that a person continues consuming it regardless of its positive or negative impact on the body, the condition is termed as addiction. This often includes recreational drug abusers and the condition gravely affects one’s mental, physical and emotional well- being.

Symptoms of kratom tolerance

Tolerance to any medicine or herb almost starts the same way. The same initial results, when not observed after a few uses, a person consumes more of it to have the same relaxation.  This way, the dosage keeps increasing, cells and receptors become immune to the alkaloids and excess elements are eliminated through the system.

How to identify that you are developing tolerance towards kratom?

The adage ‘Every Man for Himself’ fits quite aptly when it comes to identifying symptoms. You can be your own doctor and just observe the way your body behaves; how your senses react to different situation.
To give you a head start, these are some instances when you should start keenly observing your consumption pattern:
– Little or no effects from dosages
– Body requires higher doses to have the same effects
– The potency or intensity felt is lower than before
– Effects last for shorter durations than usual

Tolerance of different forms of kratom

Kratom extracts- There is a thin line of difference between kratom powder and extracts. The extracts are more potent in nature due to high alkaloid content and hence tend to relief the body even at small dosages. This makes it a more productive and effective product.

Kratom Powder- The relative lower efficacy of kratom powder makes it more tolerant to a body. The higher the composition of natural antagonist in a kratom product, the more would be the probability of developing immunity to its effects.

Still, kratom tolerance is a very subjective thing and varies from body to body. A dosage of 3-5 grams might be effective for a person of a given weight and height but might be ineffective for a person with same body dimensions.

Stagnant Strain Syndrome

It’s a really heavy word to digest! Don’t be threatened by it. It’s just a term coined by kratom enthusiasts to define a situation when a user develops tolerance to a particular blend or type or strain of kratom due to its usage for a long period of time. Again, this differs from person to person and one might develop it over a week, the others over a month and some might not even ever have it.

Once you take your dosage of kratom, its alkaloids go to your brain and start regulating your receptors. This process continues until equilibrium is achieved and your body then is affected accordingly. Sometimes, high amounts of alkaloids tend to suppress the efficiency of these receptors and hence the body is not affected as it should have been. Hence, one feels like using more of kratom to achieve the same results. This prolonged usage of the same strain at increasing (dosages makes the receptors more down regulated and therefore a high tolerance is observed.)

Prevention of tolerance

Now let’s come to the bright side of the topic. Let’s take this as any simple mathematical problem and break it down to solve it.We have a solution to all these problems. Kratom is, in fact, at the end of the day an immensely useful herb. And every journey towards success comes with hurdles. So let’s spill the beans for you and show you an easy way out this turmoil.

Dosage Interval

Let’s begin with a simple question? You wake up to a sunny day one fine morning and have a healthy breakfast before leaving for work. When would you eat next? Probably when you feel hungry again; such an elementary answer, but, as a matter of fact, the most optimal solution to this problem. It’s exactly the case with kratom dosage. You need to allow the effects of the first dosage to wear off before taking the next one. A proper interval helps to flush out all the alkaloids before the next dosage which in turn reduces the chances of developing a tolerance, eventually giving the same level of relief derived from the first consumption

Dosage amount

If you are a regular kratom user, it is advised to have smaller quantities of kratom. High dosages should be only taken in extreme conditions such as unbearable pain. A low to moderate dose carries low probability of developing tolerance and hence is recommended for regular usage. Another benefit of such a pattern of consumption is that it leaves a place for alkaloids to increase their efficiency when a higher dosage is consumed for a critical situation.

Strain rotation

Well, if you want to be a long time kratom user, then this is the way to go. Rotating kratom strains gives your body a chance to function differently. Imagine doing the same thing every day, you’ll surely like a break from it otherwise you’ll get fed up and leave it eventually. Similarly, a combination of various strains keeps the body active to changes and improves its efficiency to different strains. This also prepares the body a 100% for accepting the same strain or type again with the same results.

If you are a beginner, buy 3-4 strains and use one strain a day.

For a regular user, 5-7 strains are recommended.It is important to keep in mind the combination of strains to be used. There are three types:

Fast – high mood enhancers, energy elevator, pain killers, opiate withdrawal.
Moderate- a combination of the fast and the slow strains.
Slow- effective relaxers, mood lifters, confidence boosters

Each of these strains should be used in rotation to act as an overall advantage to every aspect of mental and physical well- being. One day, you could use a slow strain, the other a fast one and a slow one on the day after it.

Empty Stomach

Kratom affects the body best when taken empty stomach since it has no hindrances and initiates it functions straightaway. Food acts as a hurdle, slows the whole process down and reduces the effects of the dosage. Hence, it is in one’s interest to take kratom 1-2 hours before breakfast.

Stay hydrated
Almost 70% of the human body is made up of water. A well hydrated internal system helps the kratom to flow throughout the body hence enhancing its effects.
This ensures that you can get an effect worth your money.

Total abstinence and Reduction
Going ‘cold turkey’ or complete abstinence from taking kratom is of vital importance when tolerance reaches a high degree. A week’s break could put the body back into its normal state and slowly prepare it for a new start of dosages.

You could also take a couple of days off in case of mild tolerance. Reducing dosage is another alternative to making sure that the body does not become immune to the effects of kratom.

Health and lifestyle
Kratom has a tendency to be most productive when not consumed with stimulating substance such as alcohol or recreational drugs. The healthier the lifestyle in this sense, the more effective is each dose.


Once a situation goes beyond prevention, curing the disease becomes the only way back to normalcy. And like every lock has a key, we have a solution to the problem of tolerance too.

Washout is an effective method of dealing with kratom tolerance. It has two main components:

Stop all at once- As we discussed above, a total avoidance of kratom is a very effective way to revive the sensitivity of the body towards the alkaloids. The body gets free, when on a break, and then starts afresh with the same degree of results at same dosages. But this can sometimes get cumbersome since it involves training one’s brain into abstaining from consumption.
Taper- Taper involves a slow and gradual reduction in the dosage. This helps in making the transition from taking a lot of kratom to reducing to a level where it is most optimally accepted by the body. Hence, taper reduces tolerance to almost nothing.

The following are a few tolerance reducing agents:

Stem and Vein kratom- The name might suggest that I am pushing you back into the same problem you are trying to escape. Well, the answer is a NO! Kratom strain and Vein is a powder solely made from the stem and the veins of the plant. It acts as a significant antagonist because of its alkaloids. It also prevents negative effects arising out of the withdrawal process. Stem and Vein makes a good combination with leaf and gives a better overall effect too. Also, it lasts longer than products made out of kratom leaves and hence could be used when seeking long-term relief.

Phenibut- A perfect substitute when on cold turkey washout, Phenibut is a central nervous system depressant and a good sedative, cures insomnia, stress and anxiety, lethargy, and depression.

It is advisable to take it for a week until the kratom receptors revive and then switch back to kratom since Phenibut develops tolerance quickly. Phenibut does not carry cross tolerance with Kratom and hence could be used when on a break from kratom.

Kava Kava- Scientifically named Piper Methysticum, it is similar to phenibut, but works on a lower degree of tolerance. It helps in complete eradication of tolerance and is non -addictive in nature. It does not work on all the same receptors as Kratom does and is useful for curing insomnia, anxiety, low moods panic attacks. A small dose of itin tea on a regular basis, until you get rid of kratom withdrawal or tolerance, is effective.

Magnesium- Magnesium has NMDA receptor antagonist which makes it a potent element for solving kratom tolerance. Its components act directly on the receptors that lead to kratom tolerance hence reducing their effect and eventually decreasing tolerance of kratom. As an element, it helps in developing bone structure, digestion, blood pressure and neural functions.

Dextromethorphan is another compound found in cough syrups which could be used for curing kratom tolerance. It acts as a sedative and stimulant and helps in curing cough and cold. But still, the above four are first choices for substitutes during a complete washout.


It feels difficult to fathom that a product could affect you in so many positive and negative ways. Well, if I weigh them for you, Kratom has way more pros than cons. It is just like power, the better you put it to use, the better results you get. Avoiding or curing kratom tolerance is a very easy task and does not take a lot of time. For anybody looking forward to using it or is already using it, strain rotation is an option that provides all the benefits of the herb in a cycle. You just need to observe the way your body reacts and behaves to different dosages and hence work on it accordingly.

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