Kratom and Cannabis – A Combination

Yes, you read the title right. We are going to throw some light on one of your favorite recreational drugs, Marijuana, and its use with Kratom.

Both Kratom and weed are extracted from different species of plants and hence deliver different experiences to users. They do have similarities, but it is some of the unique qualities that separate them and hence they could be used together to give a mixture that produces effective results.

In this article, we will guide you on why and how could Kratom and weed be used in certain situations.

But before we begin, let’s look at what each of these plants has to offer to us.


The usage of Kratom could be traced back to a few centuries when it was predominantly used by farmers of Southeast Asia as an energizing agent which helped them work more productively in the field. Slowly, its popularity as an energy booster grew and people started chewing it for its recreational properties. Like any discovery, Kratom’s other properties such as stimulation and sedation were also discovered and it came into acceptance in the Southeastern countries.

Depending upon the region of origin, Kratom is categorized into different strains. These strains mainly are Indo, Thai, Maeng da, Borneo and Sumatra. Each of these species is then categorized according to the color of the veins of the leaf; red vein, green vein, and white vein. When you use these veins, you might have different experiences because of the various alkaloids present in the leaf. Some of the main effects observed are as follows:

Pain reliever- If you get injured and cannot rest peacefully because of the agonizing pain, then Kratom may come in handy. Due to its high content of 7- hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, Kratom helps in decreasing sensitivity to pain by working on receptors in the brain. This helps in mitigating the pain and hence you can relax or go back to work.

Stimulation- Kratom is very well known for its effectiveness as a stimulator. On a hectic day when you require a lot of energy to perform well at work, a dosage of maeng da Kratom could keep you at your best the whole day.

Sedation- Mitragyna Speciosa is also recognized as a good sedater. When you are in deep pain and cannot sleep at night, a dosage of Kratom could calm you down and help you sleep, hence preparing your body for the next day.

Antidepressant- Have you ever felt low because of no motivation at work? If yes, then Kratom could push you out of that mood and elevate it to a level where you’ll feel confident again and hence could continue your day in a very motivated way.


You all must have heard of marijuana. Well, mostly it must have been for recreational purposes. Its fine, we are nobody to judge you. We’ll just add something more to your bag of knowledge about it.


Another plant indigenous to Asia, the use of cannabis can be traced back to ancient times when physicians used it with medicines to treat pains. Apart from this, it was also used as a fiber for ropes and as a psychoactive drug. A bit interesting fact for you might be that it has also been used for religious purposes in history.


There are majorly two broad uses of the plant Cannabis, medicinal and recreational.

For years, weed has been used to cure the following:

Chronic pains
Multiple sclerosis


Have you ever felt that time has slowed down and your brain and muscles have relaxed, or your senses have heightened and everything seems brighter? Well, if you want to have such experiences, then maybe marijuana could help you. Due to a high content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a psychoactive compound, smoking marijuana can give you a high. This is one of the reasons that makes marijuana a very popular recreational drug among people of all ages.

Common compounds found in cannabis

So far, over 400 chemical entities have been found in Cannabis. For simplicity, we would be covering two of the major entities which affect the users the most.

THC and CBD act like the north and the South Pole of a magnet; they antagonize each other.  Depending upon the content of each of these two in different strains, a user may experience different effects.


THC stands for delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol; a compound that makes Cannabis a psychoactive plant. Whence marijuana is smoked or consumed in any other form, THC reaches your brain and stimulates receptors hence making the person high. The chemical released which makes you feel high is dopamine. Dopamine has a tendency to respond to pleasurable stimuli. Hence, when you feel like eating or having sex after smoking weed, dopamine is released and you get high. The high amount of THC in the body may lead to paranoia and anxiety.


CBD or Cannabidiol is the second most abundant compound found after THC in Cannabis. It acts quite opposite to THC and does its job without giving a high to the user. It is a good agent for treating chronic pain, inflammation and anxiety. In order to curb the side-effects of THC, people could consume a strain with higher CBD and lower THC. Although CBD might fail at bringing that euphoric feeling you might get from THC, it could significantly help you in the following conditions:

Multiple sclerosis
Seizure disorders
Crohn’s disease
Opioid withdrawal

Overall, CBD has clear headed effects and THC shows euphoric symptoms when consumed.

Strains of Cannabis

Just like Kratom, Cannabis has strains too which vary depending upon their size, shape, and other features. The interesting part is; how did the strains come into existence? One of the possibilities is that the strains we know today are an outcome of colonization. Every time a nation was colonized, there developed a gradual acceptance of other cultures and lifestyles. This could have led to a transfer of knowledge of Cannabis cultivation from the local farmers to the rulers. This might have led to cultivation in foreign lands. Once a farmer knew how to grow Cannabis, he grew it according to the demand of his community and hence came in the factor of variation. This eventually led to the formation of different strains when people started experimenting their cultivation to have certain desired effects.

Today, we know mainly three wide varieties of Cannabis; Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis


If you require some rest after a long day or are in grave pain, then Cannabis Indica could be your go-to strain. The strain produces a higher amount of CBD than THC. Indica plants are shorter and the leaves wider. They tend to be bushy and could be used for the following purposes:

Muscle relaxation
Chronic pain
Increase dopamine secretion
Increase appetite.


Cannabis sativa acts as an antagonist to indica. It invigorates the body cells and could uplift your energy. The plant has narrow leaves and is taller than Indica. Products of the plant usually produce lower CBD and higher THC. It could be used for the following purposes:

Anxiety reduction
Chronic pain
Increased focus
Fighting depression.
Hempseed oils


The very uniqueness of Cannabis Ruderalis is still debatable since it’s not clear whether it is just a variation in the other two strains or is a sub-species in its own. The amount of THC produced from it is the least and hence is not suitable for recreational purposes. However, there has been evidence of it being used as a depression medicine in old Russia and Mongolia.

Out of the three strains, ruderalis grows to the shortest length and is majorly used for its auto-flowering trait.


Hemp is derived from Cannabis and is mostly known for its industrial usage. It is one of the most widely grown plants.

Hemp seeds could be eaten raw. The fiber derived from the plants is used in ropes, industrial material, shoes, clothes, and accessories.

Kratom with marijuana

You might be wondering why not use only one of the plants to cure your pain. They both have pain relieving properties. Then, why the combination?

We discussed above the effects of each of these plants on a user. To sum it up, weed is a better psychoactive and sedative than Kratom and an equally good pain reliever but does not improve mental cognition; instead reduces it. On the other hand, Kratom could enhance focus and concentration along with being a good pain killer.

Hence, keeping in mind their uniqueness, people started using them in a certain combination to have a customized medicine for a situation.

Now let’s go through a few important effects of this combination

Pain relief– Since both weed and Kratom have been used as painkillers for years, they tend to form a formidable combination for many acute pain situations. When you feel the pain, a dosage of both of these could help mitigate the pain and hence make you relax. As soon as consumed, the alkaloids of Kratom and the compounds of weed work on the receptors in the brain and hence decrease sensitivity to pain. Contents of kratom act as hormones and target delta opioid and MU receptors and hence increase endurance capability and decrease the sense of pain. Also, weed has the potency of being a pain killer which adds to the potency of Kratom and makes the user eventually feel relaxed and relieved.

But both weed and Kratom tend to cure different kinds of pain. It’s been observed that people with neuropathic pains have been helped more by marijuana while nociceptive pains are believed to be cured better by Kratom

What are Nociceptive and Neuropathic pains?

Nociceptive– Pains that one feels due to damage of tissues through injury or inflammation are termed as nociceptive pains. When you fall down or break a bone, a message is sent to the brain through the spinal cord and then the process of healing starts. Kratom is more effective with curing such pains.

Neuropathic– Sometimes, damage to the central nervous systems disrupts the whole process of relaying signals to the brain through nerve cells. This leads to a feeling of pain without any injury or damage to tissues. Marijuana could come in handy in such situations

       Pains that could be cured:

Neck and back pain
Joints, knee and muscular pain
Injuries and bruises
Multiple sclerosis
Pain after operation

Opiate withdrawal- You might be already aware of Kratom’s ability to help fight opiate withdrawal. If you use weed with it, the effects could be enhanced and efficiency may reach its pinnacle. Weed acts as a booster for opiate withdrawal when used with Kratom.

The following symptoms could be cured:

RLS- restless leg syndrome
Panic attacks

           One additive advantage of this combination is that there are comparatively low side effects. Also, it acts as a good sedative and helps in sleeping well, which in turn improves the digestive system and the opiate toxins get flushed out.

Psychological effects- Whenever you smoke weed, you might feel relieved from all your stress. Well, if taken along with Kratom, the psychological effects of Kratom could also be seen as well and hence give you a better experience. The pair may have the following psychological effects when consumed together:

Sound sleep
Enhanced sensory function
Stress relief

How to consume?

The process of consuming cannabis with Kratom is pretty simple. You could first consume Kratom and then smoke some weed. The Kratom dosage could be taken in any of these ways:

Wash and toss method
Kratom tea
Orange juice

Once you have taken you Kratom dosage, wait for 1-2 hours and smoke a joint of weed. After that, you might feel enhanced mental and physical activity and relief from pain.

Time Interval

Generally, it is advised to smoke weed after 1-2 hours of Kratom consumption. However, there are various other ways of marijuana consumption which are also used apart from smoking it:

Cannabis tea


Anything in excess shows its negative impact on the user. And since both marijuana and Kratom could have negative effects on high dosages, it is recommended to take low doses of each so that adversities are kept at bay. This ensures that you derive the highest possible positive effects without crossing the line to side-effects.

Also, the dosage of weed should be lower than that of Kratom since weed disables cognition at high doses.

Over-dosage and Side-effects

Here are a few side effects that you may experience when you take Kratom with Marijuana:

Cramps in abdomen
Bad trip
Trippy feeling

Things to keep in mind

You might be wondering which Kratom strain works perfectly with which strain of Cannabis. The answer to this is very subjective since it depends upon what kind of effects you are are looking forward to having. Still, it is advised to take low doses of both of them; be it any strain. If you are taking a strong analgesic strain of Kratom like Maeng da or Red Bali, then you could assist it with a mild strain say, Indica. Hence, you could take a mild-strong combination of strains to avoid the side-effects. Also, it’d be better if you do not take a strong sedative Kratom strain since marijuana already acts as a very good sedater.


The combination of Kratom and Marijuana seems to be something that one might not think of using but user experiences tell us that it has been effective. At low doses, both the plants have helped users fight chronic pains, opiate withdrawals and also achieve better mental cognition and increased physical energy.

The two are very different plants and belong to different families. It is the diversity in them that complements each other. All you need to do is keep in mind the dosage since it could have side-effects at a high level of consumption.

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