Kratom and Alcohol

Table of contents

1) Kratom
 – Types
 – Advantages
 – Side effects
2) Alcohol
 – How it works
 – Short-term side effects
 – Long-term side effects
 – Addiction
3) Kratom with alcohol- is it a good idea?
4) Effects
 – Kratom-alcohol mixture at low doses
 – Kratom-alcohol mixture at moderate doses
 – Kratom-alcohol mixture at high doses
5) Which type of strain to use with alcohol?
6) Kratom for alcohol addiction and withdrawal
7) Kratom for alcohol hangover
8) Conclusion

You might have heard of or seen people mixing two or more drugs to experience enhanced levels of effects. Sometimes, in this greed of getting extra out of each substance, people suffer adversely. Hence, it is quite often advised not to combine things until prescribed by a professional.

Kratom and alcohol is one such combination which people have quite often tried and tested. The users have had mixed experiences, but most of them have been impacted negatively. So, if you are a Kratom user, or are looking forward to using it sometime in future, you should be well equipped with the knowledge of its possible effects on a person if consumed with alcohol. Hence, it’s vital to know how the combination could affect your body and whether it is a good idea to mix the two.

So don’t worry if you have had the two together in the past, we are here to guide you and help you understand how the two work together and how you can use Kratom more wisely to have the best effects.

Let’s begin with how Kratom could help you in different ways.


The plant Kratom and coffee belong to the same family. However, the two plants vary in their functions on a human body. While coffee is grown abundantly across the whole world, Kratom is predominantly found in the Southeast Asia region. If you trace its history, you’ll be taken to an era when it was consumed by the farmers to boost their energy. Chewing the leaves of Kratom aided the labourers to last through long tiring hours in the field. The leaves also found their place in the homes of people where it was used to prepare refreshing drinks for the guests.

Slowly and gradually, more uses of Kratom have been discovered over time and hence it has become essential to know how and when it could be used.

Types of Kratoms

Kratom is mainly categorized according to the region of its origin. The region it is cultivated in determines the effects it could have on a user. Now, you might be wondering, how a landmass can affect the quality of a kratom leaf? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Every country that kratom is dominantly grown in has a different quality of soil and different climatic conditions. Hence, every type is in itself, a unique species.

Each kind of kratom is known as a strain and the best part about these strains is that they are mostly named after the country of origin. The following are some of the most commonly known strains:

Thai kratom- is derived from Thailand
Borneo kratom- is derived from the island of Borneo
Indo kratom- the name is derived from the country Indonesia
Sumatra kratom- comes from Sumatra hence named after it
Maeng da
Mainly grown in Malaysia
Malay kratom- Grown in Malaysia
Bali kratom- derives its name from the island of bali
Vietnam kratom- derives its name from the country it is grown in, Vietnam

See, isn’t it easy to remember their names?

Though all these countries are situated geographically close to each other, the quality and the effects of the kratom leaves that they give differ in their shapes, sizes, and effects.

Further, each of these strains is divided into three colours; red, green and white. This is mainly because of the colour of the veins of the kratom leaves. Red vein kratoms are generally known for their painkilling and sedating effects while white veins are popular for their energizing and euphoric effects. The green vein kratom leaves work as a combination of the other two veins and could give you a midway solution to your problems.

Uses of Kratom


Have you ever had sleepless nights because of body pain? Or have injured yourself so gravely that you could not concentrate on your work the whole day? If yes, then a dosage of kratom could have come in handy in these situations.

Kratom works on the opioid receptors in the brain and hence helps in mitigating the sensation of pain you feel. Hence, doses of kratom could relieve you of mild and chronic pains so that you could continue keeping a normal routine.

Energy booster

Kratom strains could help you out on a day when you are tired. A dosage of green or white vein kratom before a meal could boost up your energy level to help you last a whole day. The unique elements of kratom, which are known as alkaloids, flow to your brain and work with the receptors in it to stimulate a new energy flow in your body. Hence, a few capsules of kratom powder may even act as an alternative for your morning coffee.


I know many of you might be looking forward to knowing more about the euphoric side of kratom. Just like weed might have worked as a euphoric for you, kratom could also. When you take your dose of kratom, the unique elements (alkaloids) that we just spoke about, start working upon the pleasure centers in the brain. Once these pleasure points are activated, they tend to elevate your mood and make you happy. Hence, you might experience euphoria when you take your kratom dosage.


Another possible effect of kratom is that it could put you to sleep. In situations when body pain becomes so painful to bear that you are not able to sleep, a dose of kratom could help you relax and have a sound sleep. Hence, certain strains like the Red bali which have strong sedating agents are advised to be taken at night instead of day so that your work is not affected due to sleepiness.

All these major effects could further help users solve:

Opiate withdrawal
Chronic pains
Mood swings
Muscle aches

Side effects:

Everything comes with some pros and cons and so does kratom. The amount of kratom you take highly determines how you could be affected. Therefore it becomes vital to understand how each strain could affect you. The best way to know the perfect strain and its dosage for oneself is to keep analyzing the effects of it on the body. Starting from a low dosage could help prevent side effects. If a low dose does not work, you could increase the consumption to a moderate level.

At times, the amount of dosage that one takes could be higher than what is required. This may lead to some side effects such as:

Stomach ache
Blur vision
Weight fluctuations
Running or dry nose
Dry mouth
Allergic reactions

Don’t get surprised by this long list of side-effects. These tend to occur only when kratom is not taken in the right quantity. You could prevent these by regulating your doses and keeping a check on your body.


You might have often hung out with your friends at bars and have had numerous discussions over a few pints of beers. Yeah, it is, in fact, a fun thing to do.

The tradition of drinking alcohol for recreation can be traced back to almost 10000 years. Back then too, it was used as a psychoactive drink.

Such has been the popularity of alcohol that it has reached every possible land on our plant. Most countries have legalized it except a few such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, etc.

How alcohol works

You may have seen people losing control of their body after they have had alcohol. Some people become happy, some are consumed by sadness. These effects sometimes come with a slur in the speech too. But have you ever wondered that how this happens?

When alcohol enters your body, it goes into your bloodstream and works on the nerve cells in the brain. This leads to a change in the communication path between the nerve cells and other cells and hence causes psychoactive changes.

It is because of this, that you might have seen people feeling the following:

Confidence boost

Short-term side effects

Memory loss
Ability to think
Reduced reaction time
Impaired judgement
Decreased heart rate

Long-term side effects

Brain damage
Liver diseases
Birth defects


Alcohol addiction is a huge problem all around the world that has affected people in their personal as well as professional lives. Alcohol is reinforcing in nature and hence leads to alcoholism.

To put it into simple word- alcoholism or alcohol addiction is a condition when a person relies too much on alcohol and cannot remain sober for an extended period of time.

Some of the symptoms are:

Increased quantity or frequency of consumption
Drinking at inappropriate times- first thing in the morning or at places where it is usually not consumed
Development of tolerance

These are some symptoms which may lead to problems at mental, emotional and physical levels. Hence, keeping a tap on the amount of alcohol you consume is really important.

Kratom with Alcohol- is it a good idea?

Blending alcohol with kratom is something that people have often tried and alcohol forms a vital part of modern life. Therefore, it is important to know whether it is a safe thing to do or not.

Let’s draw a line between the two substances.

Kratom has agents which can give you euphoria, elevate your mood, and hence make you feel happy. It could also help in improving mental cognition. On the other hand, alcohol is a depressant which tends to impair mental abilities. It reduces control over one’s body.

The two might seem to be of the opposite in nature. So is a blend possible then?

If you gulp in some alcohol before or after taking your dosage of kratom, the effects of alcohol as a depressant and cognitive impairing agent may heighten. Hence, you may not feel the effects of kratom.

Users have experienced that consuming the two together may reduce the effects of kratom on your body and have negative effects on your health. Also, if the strain of the kratom you are using is strong and sedative such as the red veins, your body could be affected heavily. A lighter vein such as a green or a white vein may sometimes work well with alcohol, but the effects are very much dependent on the amount of kratom and alcohol you take.

Blending the two could have the following side effects:

Strain on the respiratory system
Impaired cognition
Strain on the nervous system
Cerebral pains
Irregular sleep cycle
Physical weakness

Hence, it is perhaps not a great idea to take kratom with alcohol.

Kratom-alcohol mixture at low doses

We might have said that blending kratom with alcohol might not be a good idea; still, there could be cases where the mixture may work well.

Using kratom and alcohol at low quantities could help give a mild stimulating and mood elevating effect to the user. When you consume alcohol after or before your kratom dosage, it could give you an overall good feel and make you feel relaxed. Alcohol could also potentiate the mood-lifting effects of kratom and hence make you stronger and happier from inside.

Kratom-alcohol mixture at moderate doses

The chances of getting affected negatively by the mixture could increase with the increase in the dosage. A moderate dose of each of the two could impact a user positively or negatively.

Users have had mix experiences in the past. Some have not been affected at all, while some have been through the following:

Stomach ache

Taking alcohol with a kratom strain which can show similar effects to it could catalyze the negative effects of alcohol and hence make the uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Hence, it is advisable to avoid such a dose of the two.

Kratom-alcohol mixture at high doses

Consuming kratom-alcohol at a high dose is something that is not recommended. Even if you consume the two substances individually at high doses, they could have ill-effects of your body. It could lead to a feeling of nausea, dizziness, and headaches. Also, if you take a high dosage of the two, you may wake up with a stronger than usual hangover.

Which strain to use?

Since alcohol is a depressant and reduces mental cognition, any strain that would be similar to these features is advised not be used. This is because the effects of alcohol are elevated and hence the user might feel the side effects.

The red veins are the strongest and are sedating in nature. They might come in handy when you have to diminish alcohol consumption. The white vein could be used in case of weakness when you are probably fighting alcohol hangovers or withdrawal. Both the veins could come to play important roles in different situations. What’s important to keep in mind over here is the dosage level. Hence, it is very vital to know what dosage would go well. Generally, people have had positive effects at low doses. As you increase the quantity of kratom, the chances of having side effects also might increase.

Kratom for alcohol withdrawal and addiction

If you are an alcoholic or are suffering from the withdrawal effects of alcohol, then kratom could be a solution to your problems. Kratom withdrawal comes into the scenario when you use alcohol for an extending period of time and then quit it. This long dependency on alcohol generally changes the functioning of your body in certain ways. So, when you try to quit or reduce or your alcohol consumption, your body initially rejects the prospect of not having any alcohol in it. Hence, you might feel the following withdrawal effects:

Autonomic dysfunction

If you are already suffering from these, then let me tell that you need not panic. We have a possible solution for you.

One of the unique properties of kratom is that one does not develop an addiction to it easily. Also, it acts as a euphoric and painkiller at the same time. Hence, it becomes a possible alternative for alcohol.

Kratom’s potency in reducing anxiety and depression and elevating moods could help you fight the withdrawal symptoms. The components of kratom stimulate the opioid receptors in the brain which could aid reduce the effects withdrawal effects of alcohol. Hence, similarly, kratom could also be used for opiate withdrawal.

Next, if you are addicted to alcohol and wish to quit it, then a slow transition from alcohol to kratom consumption might help avoid the withdrawal effects. This makes the whole process smooth and the user does not feel any discomfort.

Now imagine you are out at a party and can’t refrain from drinking a lot. A dose of kratom could come in handy after the first drink as it could stop you from taking the next one.

Therefore, a few capsules of kratom could help you solve your alcohol addiction and withdrawal issues.

Kratom for alcohol hangover

You might have often felt discomfort and uneasiness when you woke up after a party. That feeling of nausea, dizziness, fatigue, increased sensitivity to light and sound, low concentration are really sometimes unbearable. This happens because alcohol constricts the blood vessels in the brain.

Well, in such cases, kratom could again come to your rescue. The aftereffects of high alcohol consumption could be kept at bay by a dose of kratom when you wake. Kratom invokes a sensory feeling which could help in making you feel better.

Since kratom belongs to the same family as coffee, it could give the user a boost of energy which might help in recovery.  Many users have reported that kratom has assisted them very well in such a situation.

Although there have been mixed reviews about kratom solving hangover problems, the majority lies on the positive side, that is, it has been helpful.

The components of kratom are potent in elevating moods, enhancing cognitive ability and killing pain. This makes it useful while curing hangovers. Hence, a kratom drink or kratom in any other form that suits you could relieve you of your hangover pains and discomforts.


Kratom does not go very well with alcohol. The two are different in their nature and have different effects on a person. It is recommended not to consume the two together because of the possible side effects it can have on you. But, if you choose to mix the two, then a low dose is advisable in order to curb the side effects. At moderate and high doses, the results could go against your wish and you might be left in discomfort.

When it comes to alcohol withdrawal and hangover, kratom could act as a supportive agent. Its unique effects of a painkiller, euphoric agent and stimulation may liberate you of these problems.

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