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What is euphoria?
Difference between euphoria and elation
Can Kratom give you euphoria?
How does it work?
Which Kratom gives the best euphoria?
 – White Borneo
 – Maeng Da
 – Green Malay
 – Bali Kratom
 – Indo Kratom
 – Why should you take Kratom on an empty stomach?
 – Can euphoria push you out of depression?
 – Kratom euphoria vs euphoria from other drugs

You might be thinking – another possible effect of Kratom! Really? How many effects could a herb have on you? To be honest, users, in past, have had multiple experiences and hence we know so many advantages of it. Kratom has been used as a pain reliever, sedater, a calming agent, energy booster and even a euphoric agent.

What is euphoria?

Have you ever been extremely happy after doing something? So happy that everything seemed so blissful that even if you had a scale to measure your pleasure, it would have fallen short in measuring it. Well, this feeling is something that we could use to describe euphoria.

Euphoria is an intense feeling of happiness or excitement or pleasure. It gives you the feel of utmost well- being. Euphoria could be induced through two ways; naturally and through drugs.One could have the euphoric feel naturally through the following:

Exercise- Physical exercises like running or aerobics can make you feel intensely happy. You might have heard of runner’s high. Running for long distances gives the runners extreme pleasure. This happens mainly because exercise stimulates certain hormones in your body which affect the pleasure centers of your brain to elevate your mood to the highest.

Music- Music is something that is liked by everyone. Be it listening to it, or dancing or making it. It has the tendency to invoke strong emotions in you and hence give you pleasure.

Copulation/sex- It has been observed that while getting physically intimate with somebody, the feeling of euphoria is developed. “The entire act of copulation, the moments leading to orgasm, or the orgasm itself” could be described as euphoria.

Drug-induced euphoria

You might be familiar with the concept of recreational drugs. When you take them, they tend to alter your state of mind and give you a high. Such is the psychoactive power of some drugs that they can induce euphoria within minutes. But, you could also become addicted to them. Hence, it is highly advisable to make decisions wisely before consuming anything that might harm you in the long term.

Hope you have understood what exactly euphoria is. Now, let’s compare it to elation.

Difference between euphoria and elation

There is a thin line of difference between euphoria and elation. Euphoria could be described as an induced state of intense pleasure or happiness or good feeling. On the other hand, “elation is an exhilarating psychological state of pride and optimism”. Elation lies a bit more on the positive side and is a milder adjective to use for happiness. Euphoria could be induced by drugs while elation could be described as a positive attitude with a milder form of joy.

Can Kratom give you euphoria?

If you look back a century, you’ll see people with hard labour jobs in Southeast Asia chewing Kratom leaves for energy. It gave them enough strength and energy to last a whole day on their farms. Apart from this, it found its use for elevating mood during special occasions or even as a drink to be served to the guest. So, Kratom does have the property of giving euphoria to its users but the degree of its effects varies from strain to strain.

How does it work?

Before you select your Kratom strain, it’s important to know how it works to give you the desired results. So, let’s understand its functioning.

Due to the soil, it is grown in, Kratom contains certain unique substances called alkaloids. These unique components play a key role in how a strain affects you. Since every Kratom strain comes from a different location- Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, etc, the amount and number of these alkaloids vary according to the soil content of that area.

Some of the important and abundantly found compounds are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Don’t be afraid of these long words; they just sound formidable and we don’t have to deal with them in detail. We are not going to overload you with them; just a few more to go. It’s just sufficient to know that there are some things in kratom which significantly determine the effects a Kratom strain could have on you.

Now, our brain is made up of several hedonic hotspotspleasure centers which, when stimulated, could make the person experience euphoria. When you take a dose of Kratom, the unique elements go into your bloodstream and travel to your brain. It is over here that they stimulate the opiate receptors and release endorphins. Endorphins are hormones released within the brain which have physiological effects on one’s body. They are responsible for painkilling and euphoric effects. Hence, when you consume Kratom, you could feel intense happiness and pleasure.

Now, let’s jump to the interesting part; the catalog of best kratoms for euphoria.

Which Kratom gives the best euphoria?

You must be, by now, aware of various uses of Kratom. It could be used for painkilling or energizing or calming you down. Certain Kratom strains also might assist in increasing levels of concentration. Euphoria is one of the effects we’ll be throwing light upon in this article.

White Borneo

The Borneo Kratom comes from the third largest island in the world. Known for its diverse flora and fauna, the unique soil of Borneo makes it a good place to harvest Kratom.

A bit of an obscure strain, the white vein Borneo is rich in Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. 7-hydroxymitragynine is an opiate agonist- it stimulates the receptors in the brain responsible for causing euphoria. The white borneo is more of an energizing strain than a pain killing one. Users could feel happiness and elevation in their moods quickly after it is consumed. It could prove out to be a useful tool when you have a lot of mood swings.

The effects of white borneo last up to 4-5 hours and they can keep your mood elevated through this period. Along with this, it works as a great cognitive enhancer- improves memory and concentration. Though it does not have potent pain-relieving effects, its other features of being an energy booster, mood elevator and happiness inducer compensate for it. Hence, you could use it as a substitute for your morning cup of coffee.

When compared to maeng da, which is a faster strain, the white borneo is slower and does not help much in pain killing. The white borneo could take more time to kick in than the maeng da strain, but it is more potent and is a more soothing strain.

It is important to keep in mind the amount of white borneo you should take to have the desired effects and also prevent the ill-effects of overdosing.


Low1-3 grams
Medium3-6 grams
High7-9 grams

Generally, users could experience euphoria at low to medium doses. Medium doses could give one the feel of utmost happiness. But again, the physical properties and certain factors like the age, sex, and weight play an important role in determining what dosage could suit one the best.

Overdose side effects:

 – Headache
 – Sleepiness
 – Fatigue

Maeng Da

There are people who work in obscurity like white borneo, and there are stars like maeng da which act as the face of a whole industry. Maeng da is one of the most popular strains available in the market. Derived from the rich soils of Malaysia, maeng da is one of the most energizing strains which could be potent even at low doses.

The red vein of maeng da is more known for its pain killing and sedating effects. The other two veins, green and white are the ones which lie on the energizing and euphoric side. They tend to last longer and work efficiently. These strains are highly potent in nature and hence could show effects very quickly at low doses.

You might feel extremely happy and relaxed at the same time when you take your dose of maeng da. It may also relieve you of your strained life for some time.  

Since it is such a powerful strain, it is sometimes not recommended for beginners. A properly regulated dosage system may keep side effects away.


White maeng da

Low for beginnersUp to 2 grams
Moderate for regular users2-5 grams
5 and aboveHigh dosage

White maeng da provides euphoria at low doses. For a higher level of happiness and pleasure, one could move up to a moderate level of dosage. A high dosage may start showing side effects.

Lasting- 5-8 hours

Green maeng da

Light- 2-3 gramsThreshold
Moderate- 3-5 gramsaverage dosage
Heavy- 6-8 gramshigh dose of green
Very heavy- 10 grams or morebecomes highly sedative

The green maeng da also starts working as a euphoric at low doses and serves well up to moderate doses. The high doses could make the user feel sedative hence it is advised to keep the consumption level in check. 
Lasting– Up to six hours or more

Green Malay Kratom

If you are a person who prefers to have a smooth life, then this might be the strain for you. Hailing from Malaysia, the green malay is known for its slow and smooth effects which eventually culminate into high levels of pleasure. When you consume it, in the first hour, you might feel a bit relieved of the body pains you have, the next hour could bring some relaxations, the one after that could come with some strength which may finally result into a period of energy and enhanced moods. This gradual process is something that makes green malay popular as a euphoric.

The euphoria that you derive from green malay may not be as overwhelming as that experienced from the usage of maeng da. Green malay could push you out of your depression to your normal selves. A moderate dose could work effectively to give one immense joy.

However, like all other strains, the level of dosage again plays a vital part in the effects observed on a person.


Threshold1 gram
Low2-3 grams
Moderate3-4 grams
High5 grams

In order to ascertain that you are consuming the right quantity of green malay, you should analyze your body’s reaction to the doses. You may need to cut down on the level of dosage you take if you experience any of the following:

 – Jitters
 – Low focus
 – Nausea
 – Itchiness
 – Sweating

Lasting- up to 8 hours

Bali Kratom

Grown in a land with rich volcanic soil, the bali Kratom is a wonderful mix of pain relieving and sedating features. The red bali is known as a great pain reliever and an amazing sedater. The other two strains, green and white, are the milder ones with more energetic properties. The white bali, of the three strains from the bali family, could give the most euphoria. It may not be as long lasting as green malay but it could help in enhancing moods at moderate doses A slightly higher dose may convert these the happy mood into euphoria.

Bali kratom is a weaker euphoric than green malay but could be used by beginners.

Threshold1-2 grams
Light2-4 grams
Moderate3-5 grams
High4-8 grams
Extremely high8 grams or above

Overdose side-effects:

 – Wobbles
 – Nausea

Indo Kratom

Indo Kratom could be another option for experiencing euphoria. The euphoria derived from indo is sedating unlike that of maeng da, which is more energizing. Due to its sedative properties, it is advised to use it at the end of the day so that one’s work does not get affected.

The red vein indo is a great pain reliever and also acts as a sedative. Contrary to this, the white vein may not easily relieve one from mild pains, but it does act as an energy booster and great euphoric. It provides clean energy and could put you in euphoria for a longer time than the bali kratom.


1.5-2 gramsLow
4-6 gramsModerate
6-8 gramsHigh

Overdose side effects:

 – Indigestion
 – Diarrhea
 – Skin and respiratory allergies
 – Dry and running nose
 – Nausea

The white vein works as a decent euphoric from low to moderate doses. At high does it could be a bit sedative. It is not as intense as the maeng da Kratom and works on a milder level.

Why should you take Kratom on an empty stomach?

You might have heard that Kratom should be taken before a meal. But have you ever wondered why it should be done this way?

Well, the answer is simple. When you eat food, the body energy diverts and works on digesting the food. If you consume Kratom after a meal, the unique substances named alkaloids might not be absorbed by the body. This may eventually not give you the best-desired results. When your stomach is empty, these components are absorbed by the body more accurately. This stimulates the receptors in your brain more quickly and gives you the best euphoric experience.

Therefore, it is advisable to take Kratom on an empty stomach to get the best out of every dose you take.

Can euphoria push you out of depression?

To put depression into simple words- it is a state of prolonged unhappiness and loss of interest in life. This may occur due to some trauma. It develops over a long period of time and the subject may not always be able to uncover the real problem. Hence, it becomes difficult for a person to identify whether he or she is in depression or not. In the state of absence of happiness, one could consult a specialist to solve the problem. The other possible way could be to be positive and keep looking forward to things with excitement and happiness.

Now, when euphoria is induced through Kratom, you feel an extreme sense of well-being or happiness. This might cheer you up and act as a push towards the positive aspects of life. Such a push, if received regularly, could help one out of depression and bring the person back to normalcy.

Hence, Kratom could come in handy when you are in a depression.

How to prevent overdosage problems?

One of the most important things to keep in mind while consuming Kratom is its dosage. The effect of each strain varies from and also is determined by the physical composition of the user. The following are the factors due to which the users may be affected differently:

 – Age
 – Weight
 – Sex
 – How early do you build a resistance to the dose

Hence, the best way to avoid any kinds of negative effects is to keep a check on how your body is reacting to different strains and their doses. A regular observation could help you decide the quantity of a dose and therefore keep worries at bay.

Kratom euphoria vs euphoria from other drugs

Throughout history, people have used drugs to get a euphoric feeling. Their effects have been depicted in old paintings and texts. But, a lot of them have a negative impact on the users and have led to a number of deaths. Hence, it becomes important for us to analyze where kratom stands in the list of euphoric agents.

The most common recreational drug today is the weed. Known for its euphoric effects and recreational uses, weed is known as a great psychoactive drug with sedative properties. Kratom, on the other hand, comes with a number of positives like pain reliever, mental cognition enhancer, and euphoric, sedater and even energizer. The two might make the user experience euphoria, but Kratom improves mental abilities and weed does not

Other drugs such as methamphetamine, morphine, cocaine, and amphetamine are known for their high psychoactive properties but are addictive in nature. They can affect human body gravely. This also includes opiate drugs which are used for recreation. They are highly addictive in nature. Sometimes, if the usage is for a prolonged period of time, the user may experience withdrawal symptoms. A cure to opiate withdrawal could be using Kratom. Hence, kratom could be used to solve opiate withdrawal problems along with acting as a euphoric.

Ever thought about the difference between kratom and alcohol? Well, one of the basic differences is that alcohol is more of a depressant while kratom could be used for inducing euphoria. Consuming alcohol could reduce cognitive abilities. On the other hand, a right dosage of kratom may boost your concentration level and memory.


Making a direct conclusion in every case might not be a possibility always. Kratom comes with euphoric properties but it is upon the user to analyze his/her requirements and the effects of various strains on the body and then make a comprehensive decision.

The maeng da is a more energizing strain than the white borneo, but both do provide euphoria. The green malay has a chain of effects which ultimately lead to euphoria. This makes it a smooth strain. On the other hand, maeng da is overwhelming and faster in nature. The bali and the indo strains are weaker than the other three strains (white borneo, green malay, and maeng da), but the indo strain is also a source of clean energy along with being euphoric.All these different features that come along with euphoria define a Kratom strain. When each of these strains further becomes a subject to different sizes and shapes of human bodies, the effects observed start varying. Hence, using one strain may not be always wise since it does not let you try and test different strains and then select the best suitable one. It is therefore recommended to keep a few strains in a rotation to avoid tolerance, improve the effectiveness of each strain and observe and decide upon the best suitable strain for you.

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