Best Kratom for energy


1) Introduction-
2) History of Kratom as an Energizer
3) List of best Kratom for energy
4) Who are these for?
5) How does it work- the science
6) Are all Kratom strains energizing?
7) Things to keep in mind before selecting your strain
8) How to take it for best possible effects
9) Best Kratom for energy
 – White maeng da
 – Green maeng da
 – White Thai
 – Green Thai
 – Green Malay
 – Vietnam Kratom
 – White vein Kratom strain (in general)
10) Final word- conclusion

Like food, clothing, and shelter, energy is a basic need of all human beings. You require energy for eating your food and digesting it. This, in turn, produces more strength to support you while you work all day long at your desk. Hence, in some way or the other, you require energy in every moment of your life.

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is well known for its stimulating, pain relieving, and relaxing effects. But every strain works differently. Almost all the strains have these properties, but they tend to work at different degrees. Hence, it becomes vital to know which strain would give you the best relaxing or pain relieving or energizing effects.

History of Kratom as an energizer

The popularity of Kratom has grown in recent years. It is being accepted as a possible substitute for opiate drugs. But, if you go back a century, you’d probably be able to see it being used dominantly in southeastern countries; Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia etc. Traditionally, the leaves of Kratom were chewed by farmers and other manual labourers as a source of energy. It helped reduce physical stress and enhance longevity and productivity at work.

Kratom also found its way into the local teas of these countries. It made a place for itself as an energizing drink for guests who took a long and exhausting journey to meet their family.

Slowly, all these local uses of Kratom picked up popularity and reached out to more and more people. The surge in its use that we see today could be a possible outcome of cultural exchange between the east and the west.

Best Kratom for energy

 – White maeng da
 – Green maeng da
 – White Thai
 – Green Thai
 – Green Malay
 – Vietnam Kratom
 – White vein strains

Who can use these strains?

Kratom could be a medicine for everybody. If you have a rigid and busy routine for your office, then a few Kratom pills could push your energy to higher levels thus helping you work more efficiently. If you are a student who has to research and study a lot or an artist who has to be creative at every step, then Kratom could be your go-to herb. Kratom could also help you out of depression and anxiety by elevating your energy level and hence give you a motivated feel about yourself.

Kratom could be useful to the following people:

Businessmen– Dealing with clients and getting your deals fixed could put you under mental strain. A dosage of right Kratom could give one the mental energy to deal with matters in the best possible way without getting tired.

Students– If you are a student who has to study late through big books, then Kratom could help you focus better over your studies. A dosage of Kratom may enhance your memory and improve concentration.

Artists– Creativity is something that is unique to an artist. Coming up with something new and innovative is not always easy. And, if you are not able to work on art because of a tired brain, then Kratom could help revive your mental energy to help you work efficiently.

People in depression– You might have gone through phases in life where you felt very low and didn’t feel like doing anything. Well, if you feel depressed again, then a few Kratom pills could uplift your mood and make you feel the warm strong blood rush again in your body.

People with anxiety issues- Sometimes mental or physical stress could lead to anxiety issues. You may then feel worried, afraid or unease. A dosage of Kratom tends to mitigate stress by calming one down, uplifting the mood and enhancing the focus. This stops the stress from converting into anxiety and hence makes you feel motivated and high spirited.

In a gist, if you are looking forward to increasing your stamina and physical and mental strength, you could take the support of a dosage of Kratom.

How does Kratom work as an energizer?

You might have heard of the adrenaline rush. In stressful circumstances, your body releases substances which make you feel alert and energetic to conditions around you. This keeps you going for some time.

Well, when it comes to Kratom, something similar happens. Kratom is made up of certain compounds called alkaloids. These substances, when they reach your brain, work with the receptors of the brain to give you an energetic and stimulating feel. Hence, when you consume Kratom, you might experience clarity, enhanced focus, and higher physical and mental strength.

Are all Kratom strains energizing?

Before we come to the answer of this question, let’s try and understand why do Kratom strain’s work differently.

The Kratom strains receive their name from their area of origin. These areas, where they are abundantly cultivated, differ in their soil and climatic conditions. This leads to a difference in properties exhibited by each strain. Some of the most popular places where Kratom is cultivated are:

 – Thailand
 – Malaysia
 – Indonesia
 – Borneo
 – Sumatra

Hence, Kratom from Thailand is called Thai Kratom. Similarly, Kratom grown in Sumatra is known as Sumatra Kratom.
These strains are further subcategorized according to the colour of the veins in their leaves. There are mainly three veins; red, green, and white.
Coming to the answer of the question; yes, almost all the Kratom strains tend to show energizing effects. But the degrees of effects vary a lot depending upon the colour of the veins and the region it is coming from. Some strains are great painkillers but poor energizers. Some are efficient stimulators but poor sedaters. Hence, it becomes really important to know your Kratom before consuming it for a specific purpose.
We will be guiding you through some of the best Kratom strains known for their energizing effects so that you are able to select your strain easily.

Things to keep in mind before selecting your strain

There are a few important things that you should keep in mind before buying Kratom:

Why do you exactly require Kratom? – It’s of great importance to know why you wish to use Kratom; whether it’s for pain relief or energy, or calming down. This forms the very first step towards selecting a strain. If you know what issue you are trying to solve, then it becomes easier to choose a strain.

What strain you should go for? – Once you know what effect you are looking forward to experience, you need to decide which strain to select. Every strain works differently and hence it becomes vital to know which one will suit you the best; some strains like maeng da (link to- maeng da article) are highly potent while some like Borneo are milder.

Always buy your product from a trusted vendor– If you consume an adulterated medical product, it may affect you negatively. Hence, when it comes to buying Kratom, always try to make sure that your vendor is authentic and safe. You could do a background check of the vendor; go through the comment section on the website thoroughly and read user reviews to ensure that the vendor could be trusted.

Buy more than one strain and keep rotating them in order ensure you get the most out of your dosages and also prevent tolerance. Rotating the strains gives you an idea about how different strains work on your body which eventually could help you understand and pick the best suitable strain for yourself.

How to take Kratom for best possible effects?

Kratom is available in many forms like powder, capsules, and leaves. But what is important to know that how should one take it to experience the best energizing effects. You can take Kratom in the following ways:

 – Wash and toss method- Put the powder in your mouth followed by some water or orange juice. Swirl the mixture in your mouth and then gulp it. You might find the taste to be a bitter hence beginners could use some other methods initially. However, this is an easy method to take your regular dosage to energy. You just need to get accustomed to the taste.

 – Capsules- Capsules are to be taken as the usual pills. You can gulp them with water or juice. The capsules go in your body and start uplifting your energy after some time.

 – Orange juice- You can mix Kratom powder in a glass of orange juice to have a good taste. Drinking juice with Kratom would not only give you energizing effects of the juice but also of the Kratom.

 – Kratom tea– Making Kratom tea is easy. You can take the leaves or the powder and boil it in water. You could then simply drink it to feel afresh.

 – Food- If you can’t drink your dosage, then you could add Kratom powder to your salads and sauces. This masks the bitter taste of Kratom and at the same time gives you new energy flowing in your cells.

It is very important to take dosages in the right amounts to ensure that there are no side-effects. Usually, Kratom strains work as efficient energy boosters at low to medium dosages and sedating at high dosages. Also, it is advisable to take Kratom empty stomach since it works most efficiently when there is no food in your stomach.

Now, let’s take you through some of the best-energizing Kratoms so that you could take your final decision towards buying one.

White Maeng Da

Maeng da kratom finds its roots in Thailand. It is one of the most potent strains available in the market and all its veins work on different aspects.

The white vein maeng da is an effective energizing strain and is known for its stimulating and energy boosting effects. It could be used on a long and exhausting day to fight fatigue and induce a moderate to high level of energy in the body.

White maeng da works efficiently at low doses too and this is something that separates it from other strains. It could be used by students and businessmen who have to sit through long hours of mental work.  


Low for beginnersUp to 2 grams
Moderate for regular users2-5 grams
5 and aboveHigh dosage

Overdosage side effects


Digestive issues



Respiratory issues

A low dosage of white maeng da is recommended since it can boost your mental and physical strength easily. It also gets addictive at a high level of dose; hence it’s advised not to consume too much. Still, the amount of dosage that would be fit for one person might not be suitable for another because of the difference in body structure, weight, metabolism, sex, and age etc.

Usually, it starts showing effects within 15-30 minutes of consumption and lasts for about 5-8 hours.

Green Maeng Da

Do you like a dynamic personality? Then you also might like green maeng da in that case. Like other green veins, green maeng da tends to show effects of both red and green vein but at a milder level. It could be called a know-all strain; it could help you with pain, depression, insomnia, and exhaustion. If you feel low in mood and do not enjoy the things you once did, green maeng da may uplift your spirits and bring back the old you.

On a busy day when you have to work till late, green maeng da could come in handy. Although a weaker energizer than white maeng da, it could still be useful when you are in pain, low on confidence or have to go to a party for socializing.

The effects kick in after 15 minutes of intake and last up to 6 hours.


Light- 2-3 gramsThreshold
Moderate- 3-5 gramsaverage
Heavy- 6-8 gramshigh
Very heavy- 10 grams or morebecomes highly sedative

Overdose side effects:

Weight fluctuations


Running or dry nose

Dry mouth

Allergic reactions

If you are looking for a balanced solution to the problem of mild pain and mild exhaustion, then green maeng da could help you out of it.

White Thai KratomIf you are a morning coffee person, then you could a be white Thai kratom person too. Known for its energy boosting potency, white Thai Kratom could provide you with clean energy for a tedious day. Its effects are stronger than that of coffee and hence people prefer it as their morning drink.

Users may also experience improved cognitive abilities. The strain could help one improve focus at average doses. One thing that sets white vein thai apart from other strains is that it shows low levels of side effects.

Overdosage side effects:


Loss of libido


Respiratory problems



Apart from this, if you are in depression or have anxiety issues, the strain could help calm your nerves and hence help you sleep well at night. Unlike other kratoms strains, white thai is a poor pain reliever but works as an effective energy booster and Nootropic (something that enhances mental cognition).


1-3 gramsLow
3-5Average (effective as an energy booster and mental cognition enhancer
6-10High- other effects start coming in; antidepressant.

For beginners, this strain might give them jittery feeling when they take it for the first time. This happens because it’s a powerful energy booster. Hence, first-time users may not be able to adapt to it very easily.

Green Thai Kratom

It is another possible substitute for your morning coffee or tea. Being a green vein Kratom, it exhibits effects of both red vein and white vein thai. If taken at low to medium doses, it could act as a good energizer and keep you active throughout the day. It could also help boost your mood and improve your mental state. For acute pains, a few pills of green thai may relieve you of the pain and at the same time make you feel energetic.


Light1-3 grams
Moderate3-5 grams
Heavy5-10 grams

Overdose side effects

Weight fluctuations

General irritation

Allergic reaction

Gastric problems


Nasal issues

Light to moderate doses- makes users feel energized, gives a sense of well being and enhances mood. A sense of well being could keep negativity at bay and hence help you overcome depression and stress.

Moderate to heavy doses- works as an effective painkiller.

Green Malay Kratom

The green Malay Kratom is well known for its all-round performance. At low doses, it could give you the feeling of euphoria and also boost your energy. At higher doses, it is capable of curing pains and being a strong sedative. Hence, the amount of green Malay Kratom determines what kind of effects one might experience.

At low doses, it could lift your mood and help you build an energetic attitude towards your work. Hence, when in depression or stress, taking Kratom could push you out of it. It may also assist you with enhanced concentration ability and a calm mind.

Due to its different leaf structure, it contains more alkaloids which make it a more potent strain. You might find its taste better than that of maeng da.  It could last up to 8 hours after it kicks in.


Threshold1 gram
Low2-3 grams
Moderate3-4 grams
High5 grams

Green Malay does not negatively affect one until taken at very high doses. Hence, it is recommended to analyze how different amounts affect you and then increase your dose.

Overdose side effects:

Slurred speech






Vietnam kratom

Vietnam Kratom is grown in the rich and fertile soil of Vietnam and hence has an impressive amount of alkaloids in it. It works well as a painkiller, energy booster, and mood elevator. Due to the rich soil, it is grown in, the users might experience sufficient energy in their body to get their work done. The energizing effects are not overpowering like that of thai. You may experience a smooth flow of energy which makes it a good strain for everyday use. It could give you enhanced mental energy and clarity. It is a weaker energizer than maeng da Kratom but an equally efficient painkiller.

Although it does not have overpowering effects, it could have some side-effects at high doses

Some other benefits:

It shows effects quickly on the user

Has a sweet odor and better a pleasant taste

Lasts up to 6 hours


Threshold1-2 grams
Low2-4 grams
Moderate4-8 grams
High8 grams and above

White Vein Kratom

The three colours of vein determine which kind of effects the user is most likely to experience. If you take a red vein of any Kratom, then you might probably get rid of your pain. The white veins generally work as the most energizing and euphoric veins of the three; red, green and white veins. White vein Kratom strains are generally poor pain relievers but have the potential to replace your morning coffees. They can boost your mood and energy and hence make work easy for you. Due to their high potency as an energizer, they should be taken in the morning and not towards the end of the day when you are about to sleep; you might feel restless and too active to sleep.

Still, each of the white veins from different strains of Kratom affects every user differently due to variations in its chemical composition and the physical variants of a person.


Kratom strains have proved to be useful stimulators or energizers. They also tend to enhance mental energy along with physical energy. They could be used as a possible substitute for coffee or tea.

The white maeng da works as a great energizer at low doses but could get addictive if taken in high amounts. On the other hand, white thai Kratom could give you high energy boost on a medium level of dosage but is not as good a painkiller as white maeng da.

So, the fact that determines how a strain would affect you is not only the strain; but its dosage and your sensitivity to it. Also, you should choose your strain according to the degree of effectiveness you wish to have. For clean and non-overpowering energy, you could prefer having Vietnam Kratom over other strains. For a day where you require both, an energy boost and relaxation, you could take doses of green Malay at different, levels in different quantities, at different times of the day. If you are a beginner, you probably might feel uncomfortable using white thai because of its possible overwhelming effects.

Hence, you should try various strains and then analyze which one affects you the best.

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