What’s Kratom, why is there a website about it, and who are you?

If you asked this question, then first of all, that’s why. It’s important to establish awareness about this, because Kratom is an important subject rising in popularity in an outright explosive matter during the last few days as of 2018.
Why learn about it? Well, Kratom is something everyone can use, as it’s also a countermeasure for many illnesses, and more, which makes its’ audience much, much larger than many other things.

Kratopedia is a website that works as a live blog and library for Kratom information, consisting of the most important sub-topics and the general informatiom you would want about it. Designed for easy, and fast look-up functionality around Kratom, describing the inner workings of the plant.

From directly explaining the actual contents of the plant to its uses, this website aims to help and aid people who want to engage further with their hobby for Kratom, with a layout and a collection of information to surpass other websites. You, as a reader may follow this website if you’re interested in Kratom news, or, it may work as a fast lookup for whenever you’ll need some very specific information. We’re a small team who’ve researched Kratom thoroughly.